Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting the Minamoto-no-Muramitsu Kitano Hamono Co., Ltd. website. When browsing and visiting this website, we would ask you to refer to the following details.

Minamoto-no-Muramitsu Kitano Hamono Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes the importance of customers’ personal information handled directly or indirectly by the Company, (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), and believes that handling such information to be a matter of importance in the accomplishment of its business activities. The following privacy policy is set forth in order to execute this duty, and the Company aims to further build on the trust of customers by adhering to this policy and striving to handle and manage Personal Information appropriately.

1. Gathering and using Personal Information

The Company shall make clear its objectives for collecting Personal Information, and shall gather the information by legitimate and fair means after first obtaining the agreement of the customer. Further, this Personal Information can only be used within the scope of objectives.
In addition, the Personal Information of customers aged 15 and younger is recognized to be particularly important.
Customers aged 15 and younger must only provide Personal Information with the agreement of a guardian.

2. Management of Personal Information

The Company shall take the following appropriate and strict security measures to prevent the loss, falsification, leakage or unauthorized access of managed Personal Information.

・ Establishment of a personal information protection officer.
・ Continuous education and awareness-raising activities aimed at all employees.

3. Providing personal information to third parties

The Company shall be responsible for managing Personal Information and shall not disclose or provide information to third parties without the agreement of customers or for unjust reasons.

4. Customer inquiries

The Company shall establish a contact office for inquiries and shall reasonably and promptly respond to requests from customers to inquire about, revise or delete Personal Information.

5. Protecting linked to Personal Information

The Company shall not be liable with regard to the handling of Personal Information in the websites of individuals or businesses other than the Company, which is linked to from our corporate website (

6. Obeying laws and regulations

The Company shall obey laws and regulations and other rules relating to the protection of personal information.

7. Inquiries

Please contact the following if you have any inquiries concerning the Company’s protection of personal information.
Personal information protection officer
Minamoto-no-Muramitsu Kitano Hamono Co., Ltd.