Ground spatula

Z-shaped ground spatula


(1) By bending into a z-shape, it greatly improves the grounding feeling and visibility of objects cut around (internal corners).
(2) When cutting joints, the Z-shaped ground spatula can be held at a secure angle and pressed down along the blade line, so it provides excellent pressing stability, and enables straight cutting by steadying the cutter’s incidence angle.
(3) Pressing down the ground spatula will allow you to make a slight crease in the wallpaper by applying the slightest hand pressure, preventing air bubbles in the wallpaper when it dries and shrinks.
(4) With a single Z-shaped spatula, you can cut around frames and joints, removing the need to hold a long joint ruler, and lightening the load on your waist pouch. (Allows you to work with less tools)
(5) Other effects
a. It can hold down objects with the blade surface. (This is because the ground spatula can be held at a secure angle.)
b. Laminated plastic sheets are extremely easy to cut. (This is because it can press down on objects along the blade line, preventing slipping.)

Z-shaped spatula explanatory video

Ceramic coated ground spatula


Its surface is about three times harder than HV500 specialty stainless steel (approx. HV1500), and has greater abrasion-resistant, release, and corrosion-resistant properties than standard products.
(1) The stainless steel blade prevents abrasion by friction with the cutter knife.
(2) Easy to remove adhesives such as paste.
(3) The surface’s ceramic coating (titanium coating) is a highly-desirable gold-colored design.

Melamine ground spatula


The grip’s surface has been coated with melamine resin, so
(1) It will not get scratched even when the cutter knife blade is bent.
(2) Dirt such as paste can be easily washed off.
(3) The coating will not chip off like paint, so it can always be used in a clean state.

Tapered ground spatula (blade abrasive machining)


Has a 1.2mm-thick blade, so it won’t bend, and the cutting edge has a 0.6mm finish.

  • ブレードの暑さ
  • ブレードの先端は0.6mm厚に仕上げています。

Double-ended ground spatula


T-shaped ground spatula that can be used for work in cramped spaces where it was previously impossible.

Angled ground spatula


It can be matched perfectly with a wall surface by adjusting the angle of the edge halfway down so, making use of the ground spatula’s thickness, it can cut wallpaper while maintaining a certain angle. When cutting wallpaper around a frame, the paper can be seen clearly without the handle getting in the way.

This product is sold via Craftlinq. Work.

Symmetrical ground spatula


This symmetrical ground spatula can be used straight from your waist pouch without worrying about its facing direction, and it can be used straight away without the handle getting in the way.

This product is sold via Kyokuto Sanki Co., Ltd.

Pierced lightweight ground spatula


Utility registered model (Registration No. 3122234)
One of our main products, it is characterized by its pierced stainless steel edge and is about 40% lighter than standard products. A special coating has been applied to the blade to strengthen abrasion resistance.
Surface hardness of standard stainless steel blades: approx. 500 HV
Surface hardness of special coating blade: approx. 1,500 HV
* Vickers hardness values

Numata-type joint ruler


The concept behind this ruler is to remove gaps caused by overlapping unevenness and shrinkage after drying when cutting wallpaper joints. By mounting a barrier-free board on a slanted base and then creating a gap between the board and the base, air bubbles can be released by applying the slightest pressure while accurately cutting the joint areas.

Cross ground spatulaCross ground spatula


This product is perfect for slide cutting when cutting wallpaper. Easy to grip, it can cut wallpaper while pushing it firmly into recessed corners.

Stainless steel ground spatula


Made with special stainless steel (HV 500 and over), it is two to three times harder than standard stainless steel (approx. 200 HV).

Thin (short) ground spatula


A very light product aimed to prevent the product slipping from grasp.
The main feature of this product is its grip, which has been improved so that it is easy to hold.
Held at a curve, it has been improved to prevent slipping from grasp.

Double-opening titanium ground spatula


Coming in three types of blade length: 240 mm, 270 mm, and 300 mm, its side is 60 mm long, so it can cut in narrow places.
There are also three types of blade thickness: 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.2 mm, which are about half the thickness of a standard stainless steel ground spatula.

Titanium ground spatula


This lightweight product is made from pure titanium.
It is about half the weight of previous ground spatulas.