Smoothing brush

Embedded smoothing brush

There are four types available in pig bristles, horsehair, nylon hair, and mixed (horsehair and nylon hair).


The tips of pig bristles are removed, leaving the thicker parts to make it more pliant. In addition, the pig bristles have been bleached for hygiene purposes.
The hair used in our products is embedded diagonally at both ends, which enables air bubbles to be released from wallpaper as far as the corners.
There are versions with and without a grip hole.

“Tutu” smoother


This product is used to release air bubbles from wallpaper.
Its special plastic is highly abrasion resistant, it glides comfortably over vinyl wallpaper, and it is excellent at releasing air bubbles.
It also has the perfect durability for handling tough wallpaper.

New wallpaper smoothing brush


Perfect for releasing air bubbles for delicate wallpaper such as digital print wallpaper. Hair can be replaced if glue gets stuck to it or the hair perishes, so it is good value for money.

Melamine smoothing brush


The handle is made from melamine, so it is highly durable.
Glue that gets attached to the handle can be easily washed off.

Broad-grip embedded smoothing brush

Pig bristles / horsehair /nylon hair


By removing unnecessary sections of the grip, it is a lighter product, and widening the handle helps to prevent hand shaking.
Both ends of the brush have been embedded diagonally, so wallpaper can be firmly pressed as far as the corners.
In addition, a hole has been provided in the center of the handle to prevent unsymmetrical wear.
Patented product

Channel smoothing brush

Pig bristles / horsehair


Channel-type product that is highly pliable and does not shed hair easily.

Wool smoothing brush


This product can release hair bubbles in delicate wallpaper (printed etc.) without scratching the paper due to its soft wool.