Ground spatulas

Coupling handle ground spatula

Craftsmen use this coupling handle ground spatula to scrape off paint and waterproof coating from old flooring.
Until now, workers had to stoop down and scrape off such substances with narrow tools such as leather skivers, but attaching a coupling handle to a wide ground spatula improves work performance and lightens the burden on your legs and back.

Y-shaped leather skivers

Using the ironing leather skiver (squeezing leather skiver)

This skiver is used as a tool by craftsmen to squeeze out small rollers containing waterproofing materials with viscosity. It is also used by painters to squeeze small rollers containing paint and so on, and to chip off substances such as paint and varnish. It can also be used as a normal leather skiver.

Metal spatulas

Using the loss spatula (Metal spatula)

The metal spatula (loss spatula) is used mainly by craftsmen to fill coating guns with sealing materials and to load sealing materials.
When manufacturing this metal spatula, we take care to harden the blade by polishing it.

Hammerhead checkers

Using the hammerhead checker

This hammerhead checker is used as a tool to check whether a PVC sheet has been welded properly, and to apply pressure with the flat face of the hammerhead.

Cushion flooring cutters

Using the cushion flooring cutter

It was always difficult to cut flooring straight in the past, but thanks to this cushion floor cutter, anyone can cut flooring simply by sliding this cutter alongside the wall, as shown the video.
In addition, it can cut at a slant the cutting section of the cushion flooring, called the “undercut”, so that the bottom section is cut shorter than the upper section. This ensures that the lower cutting section is not visible when fitting the cushion flooring alongside the wall.

Moving slicer

Moving slicer

This is a ruler that is used for cutting PVC sheets.
As shown in the video, this tool will help you to cut materials like a professional by not cutting the PVC sheet underneath and without an underlay. It is also good for cutting outside corners as well as inside corners.



(Flooring use) Normally, this product is made entirely with a steel plate, but our version uses a wooden handle to lighten its weight. Also, widening the grip improves working performance as it is easy to pull back and is comfortable to hold.
There are 3 types of heaped grooves, which are 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3 mm.