We are a long-established cutting tool manufacturer that was founded in 1906. We mainly manufacture all kinds of work tools, such as wallpaper spatulas, for interior work professionals.
When the company was first established, we manufactured specialist cutting tools for extracting rubber sap and cutting rope, as well as knives used by professionals to cut meat.
In 1960, we manufactured a “Y-shape leather skiving knife”, which was developed by making improvements to leather tanning instruments for coating. As a result of this product’s success, we started to manufacture interior decoration tools used on construction sites.
We now produce a wide lineup of wallpapering tools used by interior work professionals such as putty spatulas, wallpaper seam rollers, and brushes.

We are involved in the manufacture of all stages of tool production ranging from the blade edge to handle and then finishing.
Further strengths are our networks with associated companies to whom we outsource machining work we cannot do in-house, as well as our development capacity boasting multiple utility models, and production ability achieved through uniquely developed molding machines.
In 2012 we opened a plant in China and established production systems at our domestic head office and Chinese plant. In the future, we intend to make the Chinese plant a base from which we sell Japanese products to the European and Chinese markets, making use of the “Minamoto-no-Muramitsu” brand power.

Company details

Company name Minamoto-no-Muramitsu Kita-no-Hamono Co., LTD.
Representative Tomohiro Kitano, President and Representative Director
Location 2-8-12 Kishidado-nishi, Higashi-Osaka shi, Osaka Prefecture 577-0848
Contact Phone:+81-6-6729-5656

Chinese plant