100 years of dedication and

In our 100-year history, we have dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of cutting tools in the artisan and craftsman areas of Ikuno Ward and Higashi-Osaka in Osaka City.


  • Ground spatula

    Ground spatula

    Introducing spatulas made from materials ranging from titanium to ceramics, as well as lightened ground spatulas with excellent functionality.

  • Putty spatula

    Putty spatula

    More flexible than the ground spatula, the edge and handle feature an original design aimed at ease-of use, making it easy to apply putty.

  • Scraper (hand sander / magic file)

    Scraper (hand sander / magic file)

    You can attach sandpaper to it for polishing.

  • Pressing roller

    Pressing roller

    To be used as a pressing roller for wallpaper, we have prepared a lineup of products with a range of carefully selected materials for the roller. Small, medium and large sizes are available for all products.

  • Smoothing brush

    Smoothing brush

    We have prepared brushes made with pig bristles, horsehair, sheep wool, and nylon. Click here to also see the smoother.

  • Other wallpaper tools

    Other wallpaper tools

    We have assembled a wide range of leather skivers incorporating ideas for professionals’ ease of use ranging from our standard blade leather skivers to an ironing leather skiver with attached hammer.

  • Flooring items

    Flooring items

    We have prepared blade cases enabling you to take care of spatula blades. These come in 7 different sizes.

  • Caulking spatula

    Caulking spatula

    Holds down the corners of wallpaper.

  • PVC sheet waterproofing

    PVC sheet waterproofing

    This page introduces excellent cutters that can easily cut cushioned floors. Includes a video.

  • Resin molding

    Resin molding

    Its structure makes it easy to scrape off putty. The putty spatula can be stored on the reverse side of this excellent product. Includes a video.

  • Other


    Ground spatulas for scraping, developed by us to be used for scraping work.


Starting out from the production of special cutting tools, we have modernized those skills, applying them now to the manufacture of spatulas, leather skivers, and rollers for building work.